David Janssens

CEO, Co-Founder
Driven by a life long dream to start a company with real impact on people's lives, David focuses on building a talented team that creates magical services for parents—especially new dads like himself. 
paul portrait.png

Paul Silberschatz

COO, Co-Founder
Paul loves to make things better—especially his daughter's sleep. He brings that passion into his role working with manufacturing partners to build, deliver and support the final product for our customers. 

Evan Shapiro

CTO, Co-Founder
Evan helped start Knit with a desire to apply new technologies to consumer products that can help parents like himself. Now he leads Knit's technical development with heavy contributions in hardware and software engineering. 

Anna Shaw

VP of Design
Anna ensures Knit's service experience reflects the desires of today's parents. One of her kids is a good sleeper and the other is not, inspiring her to bring more support and luminosity to caregiving at night. 

Hans Hony

Senior Embedded Engineer
Hans supports embedded tools, kernel, drivers, automation and real-time software stack. He's excited to use concepts on the boundaries of robotic embedded software. He's also a father of two and an early user of our product.

Adam Carlucci

Lead Embedded Engineer
Adam designs and implements the systems which allow us to turn in-house research into in-home experiences. He also contributes to UX design, app development and manages the studio play list. 

Alex Londeree

Machine Learning Engineer
Alex is our data scientist, bringing cutting edge deep learning technology to everyday products. He comes to Knit inspired by the unique combination of computer vision and embedded systems. 

Sylvia Yu

UX Designer
Sylvia designs products and services families love. She works closely with both Knit users and Knit developers to ensure an experience that is useful and magical.

Chris Foree

Lead Backend Engineer
Driven by his excitement to apply groundbreaking tech in support of parents and their children's wellbeing, Chris designs and builds our system architecture, API endpoints and modular services.