Let's Give Everyone A Sleep Lab In Their Home

Sleep is a mystery. For a third of our lives, we close our eyes and are left wondering what happened. Knit's mission is to shed light on a crucial part of human development, physical health and mental health. Starting with kids, we are bringing the depth and accuracy of a sleep lab to your home to help families improve their child's sleep to be their best each day.  We will increase the awareness of the importance of sleep in order prevent the many chronic issues poor sleep is linked to -- ADHD, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, obesity, depression, learning disabilities and many more.  We will provide an experience that is designed for families, provides evidence backed by science and insights that you can act on.  


a new era in understanding sleep

Using current research methods, sleep science is challenged -- with limited data and single night snapshots. Our platform has the potential to help science in understanding why we sleep, how much we need and how to personalize our sleep needs...for millions. We will unlock a new understanding of sleep by combining a community of leading experts and passionate parents with deep learning technology that is accessible to all. Together with families like yours, we can weave a shared fabric of knowledge around sleep and change the course of sleep health.

David Janssens

CEO, Co-Founder
Driven by a life long dream to start a company with real impact on people's lives, David focuses on building a talented team that creates magical services for parents—especially new dads like himself. 
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Paul Silberschatz

COO, Co-Founder
Paul loves to make things better—especially his daughter's sleep. He brings that passion into his role working with manufacturing partners to build, deliver and support the final product for our customers. 

Evan Shapiro

CTO, Co-Founder
Evan helped start Knit with a desire to apply new technologies to consumer products that can help parents like himself. Now he leads Knit's technical development with heavy contributions in hardware and software engineering. 

Hans Hony

Senior Embedded Engineer
Hans supports embedded tools, kernel, drivers, automation and real-time software stack. He's excited to use concepts on the boundaries of robotic embedded software. He's also a father of two and an early user of our product.

Alex Londeree

Machine Learning Engineer
Alex is our data scientist, bringing cutting edge deep learning technology to everyday products. He comes to Knit inspired by the unique combination of computer vision and embedded systems. 

Sylvia Yu

UX Designer
Sylvia designs products and services families love. She works closely with both Knit users and Knit developers to ensure an experience that is both insightful and delightful.

Chris Foree

Lead Backend Engineer
Driven by his excitement to apply groundbreaking tech in support of parents and their children's wellbeing, Chris designs and builds our system architecture, API endpoints and modular services. 

Carly Deaver

Client Experience
Carly leads all things Client Experience and office operations. She loves working directly with clients to help resolve any concern they may have. Carly’s dog likes to visit the office and keep things lively during the week!
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