Remember What Good Sleep Felt Like?

With Knit Health's expert-guided healthy sleep development program, we'll give you techniques proven to conquer sleepless nights.

Knit's sleep program incorporates many of the same techniques I use with my patients during Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). CBT-I has been shown to be just as effective as sleeping pills, but with sustained benefit over time.

Dr. Michelle Jonelis, MD

Neurology & Sleep Specialist

How We Help You Get More Restful Sleep

Knit is a non-wearable, easy to set up sleep solution that uses computer vision technology and expert analysis to generate an understanding of sleep health and risk factors in your home environment, as well as a customized action plan to improve.

Start with an expert assessment of your baseline
Put healthy sleep development program in place
Experience the results of better sleep
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Over 7 nights, our intelligent camera uses computer vision technology to detect motion, breathing and sleep stages, generating high-quality, multi-dimensional data. Knit allows you to determine, from home, if your sleep issues are potentially medical or behavioral. At the end of the assessment, you receive a personalized sleep report reviewed by our panel of sleep experts with in-depth insights, yours to keep and share with your doctor.


Based on your unique data, our experts design a customized 3-week plan to make adjustments to your sleep environment and behaviors. You select the start date that works for you, and we provide a framework of changes to set you up for success. During the program, you’ll follow the step-by-step guide and keep track of your progress along the way with tools including the Knit app Daily Dashboard, online sleep diary and support from your sleep guide.


Wake up rested everyday. Regardless of life’s ups and downs, you’ll be armed with the framework and tools to continue getting your best sleep. You’ll also have data to back up your subjective experience in a post-program analysis report that will help you track improvements. It’s time to uncover your best night’s rest and reap the undeniable short-term and long-term benefits of healthy sleep.

Better Days are Closer than You Think. Start Now.

Backed by leading edge sleep science and experts in the field

Knit's advanced motion-sensor technology is based on decades of scientific research, algorithms and models, developed in collaboration with leading sleep experts. Our panel of medical advisors are leaders in their fields who are passionate about improving the quality of sleep in everyone so they can have a happy, healthy life.


Logan Schneider, MD
Sleep Specialist
Mark Burhenne, DDS
Dental Sleep
Puneet Patni, MD
Michelle Jonelis, MD
Sleep Specialist
Our Technology

Rest easy, your information is safe with us

Our authenticated video stream runs only on your secure, local network. To protect your data even further, we use military-grade 256-bit encryption and highly advanced cryptographic protocols for all communications between Knit cameras and our cloud servers, which are backed by the vigorous security standards of Amazon Web Services. At anytime, we can delete all sleep data and personal information, at your request, no questions asked.