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Get actionable sleep insights and recommendations

Receive a free Knit 30-Day Sleep Assessment, for a limited time only! Your comprehensive analysis will give you deeper insight into your child’s sleep behavior:

  • How much sleep your child gets each night
  • The quality of your child’s sleep (still vs. active)
  • How much sleep they really need, and why
  • Evidence of any potential breathing issues
  • How effective your child's sleep routine is
  • And most importantly, what steps you can take to improve their sleep

And if there is a need to meet with a sleep specialist in the future, you now have all the data at your fingertips. 



“You have no idea how big this service could be for understanding what happens at night. This will change what I do.”

- Dr. Meena Murti, Sleep Medicine at Texas Children’s Hospital


What to expect during your child’s 30-day sleep assessment


Within 3-5 days

Knit's sleep vision technology's Learning Mode gets to know your child and their sleep and breathing patterns

Within 1 week

In-app daily summaries provide feedback on last night and includes video clips of notable events

After 7 nights

In-app weekly summaries shed light on your child's sleep patterns and provide tips on what's important

After 14 Nights

Knit's Sleep Expert Q&A on why sleep matters and the impact it may have on  your child's day

After 21 nights

Knit's Sleep Assessment report includes optimal sleep needs, evidence of issues and next steps