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How It Works

How Does The Knit Camera Work?

The device first recognizes that your child is in their bed. Then it interprets details about their pose, position and breathing patterns, and also leverages patterns published across decades of scientific sleep research. The camera integrates this data into an accurate prediction of the child’s stage of sleep.


How Does Live View Work?

The Knit camera streams live high quality video and audio directly to your iPhone while your child sleeps—securely viewable anytime you are on the same Wi-Fi network as the camera. Knit's live stream also provides current room temperature, humidity, light and noise levels.


Does It Alert Me When My Baby Needs Me?

We are currently in process of building push notifications for when your child falls asleep, wakes up, or out-of-bed. We expect to ship this feature May 2017.


How Do You Calculate Sleep Quality?

We continuously work with sleep experts, doctors and reference the sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics as an age-specific baseline for total sleep. Our sleep quality scores additionally factor in sleep length, wakings and how easily your child settled through these awakenings to give you a general representation of how the night went.  

Please refer to our Sleep 101 guide to better understand how your data is interpreted.


Is Knit A Medical Device?

Knit is not a medical device and is not a replacement for parent and doctor response. The device is not meant to identify, treat or cure any illness including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


What Clips Are Captured?

We call the video clips captured “moments of interest.” This includes clips of when your child is getting into bed, waking up, and out-of-bed.


Where Do You Store The Video Clips?

By default, we only store “moments of interest” video clips. Moments of interest are identified by algorithms that run locally on the camera. These video clips are saved on a secure Amazon Web Services server so that you can watch them on your app any time you choose. The videos are yours and can only be shared by you, through the app.


Can I Save Video Clips?

We are currently working on releasing the favorite video gallery in our app in May 2017. With this new feature you will be able to favorite clips, download to your Apple device, and share moment of interest clips directly over email and/or text messaging. 

How Long Are Video Clips Stored? When Do They Start Deleting?

You will always have access to your stored video clips. An easy way to ensure clips are where you need is to “favorite” them or download them onto your Apple device once our new favorite video gallery is released in May 2017.


What Features Are Currently Supported By The App? What Updates Will There Be For The Future?

Currently our product has the following features:

  • Live Stream video view with current sleep state
  • Environmental Measures including temperature, humidity, sound and light levels
  • Breathing Button visualization, self activated by parent
  • Daily Sleep Details for both day and night sleep
  • Daily Video Clips of in-and out-of-bed and wake-ups
  • Trends, visualizing sleep patterns for week sleep
  • Weekly averages for key sleep metrics

Additional features (coming in May 2017):

  • Sleep and awake notifications
  • Favorite video gallery
  • Handling multiples cameras on an account

Who Can Use It?

How Many Years Can I Use This? 

Our camera is currently optimized for infants and children up to age three, however, we have had great preliminary trials on kids ages six, ten and even thirty-five! (And if you are using the device on an older child, contact us for guidance on getting a good experience.) We believe that today's early users will be able to use it seamlessly as they grow—for as long as they wish to keep tabs on sleep and health.


Can I Invite Others To Use/View My Account?

Absolutely. There is no limit to the number of people who can use the device and app. To the extent that you’d like, everyone in your family, as well as caregivers, can have access to the app.

To invite users go to the app and open up Settings>Manage Account Users>Add New user. You can also remove users in the event that you no longer want someone to have access.


Will It Work If I'm Co-Sleeping?

Currently we will only support one human per bed, so most co-sleeping arrangements will confuse our system. However, it has worked well in room sharing situations, including cribs and bassinets next to the family bed—as the camera only sees one human in the sleeping area.


Will It Work With My Phone?

Currently, Knit is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Our app is compatible with iPhones 5, SE, 6, 6+, 7 and 7+ running iOS 9+ and iPod Touch 6th generation running iOS 9+.

For Android users, we’re sorry, Knit is not yet available on Android. 


Will It Work With More Than One Child? What Happens If I Switch The Camera?

Currently we can support multiple cameras per household, but only one human per bed. We are working on supporting multiple cameras within the app (releasing in May 2017). If you want to switch cameras to another family member, simply change your user profile information within the app.

Where Can I Use It?

Will It Work On My Network? What Are The System Requirements?

Our system requires a Wi-Fi connection of 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz. If your equipment is 5 years or newer and you can browse the Internet and stream YouTube from your child’s room, the Knit device will work on your network.


Can I Access The Livestream When I Am Not Home?

The live video stream is only available through your home's Wi-Fi network. However, you can see your up-to-date dashboard which includes a current status—whether your child is in bed, how long they've been in bed, and if they're sleeping you can see all the recent “moments of interest” video clips.


Can I Travel With It?

The Knit camera is designed to be portable, versatile, and travel-friendly. The camera weighs a little less than half a pound and can be easily placed on a high shelf. Just make sure you have a Wi-Fi network to set it up on.

Getting Started

What's In The Box?

In the box you will find the Knit camera, user guide, a secure wall mount, a charging cable with our cable management bobble, a wall hook, and 3M Command™ adhesive strips for sticking the hook on the wall.


Does Placement Of The Camera Need To Be Precise?

We provide setup guidelines to ensure that your camera has the best and safest view of your child’s bed, but it is flexible enough to accommodate a range of different room setups. In general, we recommend mounting the camera on a wall near (but not over) the bed. Our included wire management bobble keeps the camera cord out of reach of your child.


How Easy Is It To Connect To The Wall?

It is so easy. The camera includes a mountable hook for attaching the camera to your wall. First, slide the hook off the base of the camera, remove the adhesive strip and attach the hook to the wall. Then slide the camera over the hook.

Want more stability? We provide holes for a nail, screw or drywall anchor (not included).


Is It Child Proof?

We designed and engineered Knit with our own babies and their safety in mind. Worried about falling objects? The Knit camera attaches securely to the wall just outside the crib—safeguarding against curious hands. 


How Does Knit Deal With Wi-Fi Emissions?

We are FCC compliant. Additionally, our camera is designed to work at a distance away from your child; nothing needs to be placed directly on your child, nor does the device hover directly overhead. 


How Secure Is My Video Stream To My Phone?

Super safe. No open access means only authenticated video streams run on your secure, local network with sleep data processing on the camera. A closed loop system that you control—keeping Internet hackers out.


How Does Subscription Work?

We are currently including all of our subscription features within our app, so you will be able to use Knit Assist immediately and without managing a subscription. Once we build out our subscription management, you will be able to control preferences within the Settings of the app. If you have specific questions related to subscriptions, please contact us.


What If I Have A Problem With The Camera? Do You Have A Return Policy Or Warranty?

We want to help you have the best experience. If you have a problem with your camera, please contact us with your issue. For our Kickstarter backers, we offer a full money-back guarantee within the first 60 days of account set up.

Is something suddenly not working? Let us know. We’ll replace the camera free-of-charge for two years following purchase (special for Kickstarter backers).

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