Knit studies sleep

Powered by a neural network and computer vision, Knit securely gathers and analyzes the sleep moments that matter. Knit’s algorithms weave your child’s individualized sleep story into actionable insights you can use to improve your child’s sleep.



Total Sleep

Monitors how many total hours your child slept last night.

Video Clips

Notable video clips from the night, and you can even mark your favorites.

Live View

Access to a live view of your child asleep (or awake!) in their bed, with real-time breathing feedback.

Wake Ups

Number of times Knit captured your child waking up during the night.

Sleep Details

Slide over the graph to see a breakdown of important sleep states.



Being awake for brief periods each night is perfectly normal.  4 to 5 per night is about average.


The active stages of sleep are the lightest and body movements are common. This stage is where your child’s most vivid dreams will likely occur. 


Scientists believe this period of sleep is important for brain and body housekeeping after a long day. This stage is also when growth hormones are released.


Your personal advanced breathing technology

Knit is the only non-wearable, kid-friendly solution that can track breathing. Everything from allergies to apneas can create what our experts refer to as breathing disturbances that can have a negative impact on your child’s sleep quality. Knit provides transparency around potential issues and risk levels. 


Knit Sees What People Can't

The camera amplifies motion, imperceptible to the human eye so it can track your child’s sleep and breathing—all without wearables or sensors.


Your child’s sleep routine, uncovered


Make sense of sleep with your
child’s personalized report

Within 21 days of studying your child’s sleep, Knit’s technology generates an individualized analysis, examining four cornerstones of sleep: quantity, routine, quality, and breathing. Based on this in-depth report, our sleep experts offer specific changes to improve your child’s sleep. Knit will be there to monitor and manage along the way.

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Security is Our Top Priority

We take data security seriously, especially when it comes to protecting your child. All data transfer and storage is private and secure, so your family can rest assured. We use AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications between Knit cameras and our cloud servers—backed by the high security standards of Amazon Web Services.

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