Discoveries That Make a Difference


Surprise Visitor

Molly discovered that her 20 month old daughter’s 5 am wake ups were caused by a curious crib mate—her concerned 4 year old brother!

Active Sleeper

Javier was startled to see his 7 week old rolling in the crib and made the early decision to stop using a swaddle.


Early Milestone

Alicia was surprised to learn that her 4 month old was cutting his first tooth! She quickly eased his symptoms so he could finally sleep.

Long Term Pattern

Jenny figured out her 2 1/2 year old daughter’s poor sleep and irritability were caused by a chronic breathing issue. She’s now getting the expert care she needs.


Find Better Sleep

We’re building smart tools so families can take control of their sleep routines at home. We know that sleep directly impacts a child’s health and development, from growth to attention span to the immune system. Well-rested kids are healthier, happier and ready to learn.


In the moment

We start by keeping you connected to your child’s health, so you’ll always have peace of mind.

Last night

We help you understand what actually happened last night, so you can make informed decisions today.

Long term

Over time, we point out patterns and trends, so you can get a handle on the quantity and quality of your child’s sleep.

Tools for Growth

Our platform grows and learns right along with you, so you’re always equipped with personalized and relevant information when making decisions about your family’s health. We stick with you from infancy through childhood, customizing the tools and tailoring the information you’ll need for all ages and stages.


Supportive Community

We’re creating a platform that will deliver meaningful user experiences, all while building a growing support network of health experts and parents.


Pediatric Science

Solving health problems in early childhood can have a positive effect on lifelong health, yet science still lacks research around this crucial stage in human development. We want to bridge that gap. Together with families like yours, we can weave a shared fabric of knowledge and change the course of pediatric health.