Your simple, intuitive sleep solution.

Backed by years of sleep research and state of the art technology, Knit helps you track and uncover what’s impacting your child’s night, so they can live brighter, better days. Here’s how it works:



Our intelligent camera detects motion, breathing and sleep stage, generating high-quality data -- even when your child is under their blanket. With computer vision technology Knit can capture the moments that matter, making discovery of sleep issues possible, anytime during the night.

We’re parents too and know time is a precious resource, that’s why we have streamlined every aspect of setup so you can be online and ready to go in less than 5 minutes.


In order to fully analyze your child’s sleep, we need to capture 14 nights of sleep data. This enables our technology to evaluate routines, breathing, quality of sleep and more. During that time you’ll have access to the Knit Sleep Assistant app where you can track nightly sleep metrics, and a dedicated Knit Sleep Guide in the event you have questions.

The Technology

Your Sleep Questions Answered

At the end of your assessment you’ll receive a personalized sleep report that includes in-depth, actionable insights and easy to implement recommendations from our sleep experts. The comprehensive report is yours to keep and share with pediatricians or other providers.

We’ve recruited the brightest minds in sleep

Our panel of medical advisors are leaders in their fields, and we’re bringing their knowledge into your homes to provide you with the help you need.


Our sleep experts provide personalized recommendations for improving your child’s sleep. They are age specific suggestions, tailored to your family’s unique situation. As you implement changes, Knit will be by your side to track and measure the improvements over time.

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“… a good night’s sleep helps foster both mental and emotional resilience…”

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