How do we track without wearables?

We've built a little camera with a big brain that's accurate and completely safe for your child. Learn how we can detect child presence, and understand their breathing and sleep state.


Inspired By Your Brain

Our cutting-edge neural network mimics parts of the human brain, giving our camera the intelligence to interpret the world through sight.


A Camera That Learns

Your Knit camera learns about your child, and can interpret nuances of their pose, position and critical movements—even when they're under blankets or surrounded by stuffed animals.




Sees What People Can't

The camera amplifies motion, imperceptible to the human eye so it can track your child's sleep and breathing—all without wearables or sensors.


Enables Personalized Sleep Insights

We identify how well your child is sleeping, whether breathing is affecting their sleep and provide answers on how to help your child sleep their best to be their best each day.