Dear Backers,

As mentioned in our March update, we have made the difficult decision to shift the focus of Knit Health away from infant sleep monitoring. Because of this decision and the limited resources of our team, we can’t in good conscience continue to ship you a product that will not have support and continued improvement that we promised in our Kickstarter campaign.

We will be issuing you a refund promptly (plus a $20 Amazon Gift Card) and it comes with our extreme appreciation for your encouragement and support.

This is a very hard decision, and not one we undertake lightly, but our focus has always been on helping the kids and families that would most benefit from our sleep monitoring technology. When we started on this journey, we thought that would be infants and their parents (like us), but we’ve heard from countless parents and physicians about a much more acute need around child development, behavior and sleep that we cannot ignore.

I can assure you that we’re all disappointed not to be sending you a Knit camera this month, but I hope you will take some satisfaction in knowing that our energy is totally focused on kids and their families who have no alternatives.

If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or feedback, please reach out to me via

With gratitude, David (and the entire Knit team)

P.S. If you purchased Knit because you suspect (or know) your child has a sleep challenge that is affecting their learning, development, or behavior please email me.