Letter from the CEO

The transition from baby monitor to sleep issue detection technology

Earlier this year, we made the difficult decision to shift the focus of Knit Health away from infant sleep monitoring and instead towards helping assess sleep issues in children to help families get the help they need. This difficult decision left a lot of people wondering: but why? And as we continue to get that question, I wanted to get the reasons down on paper since I believe in transparency and want to share our thinking with supporters, friends and family.

Our focus at Knit has always been on helping kids and families sleep better, and my goal remains to make sleep a measurement of overall health. I started down this path because I have personally been affected by a sleep issue for the past 10 years. Knit was born out of a desire to help families as well as myself.

When we started on this journey, we thought that would be by monitoring babies, but we’ve heard from countless parents and physicians about a much larger need around child development, behavior and sleep that we cannot ignore. We discovered that our technology can be used to help assess the potential for clinical sleep issues and aid families with children of all ages get the help they need, which is a breakthrough in the field of sleep science. Extensive research showed that 69% of kids have a sleep issue; 50% of kids with ADHD have a sleep disorder; and 90% of kids with depression have a sleep issue. These statistics, alongside careful consideration, convinced us this change of direction would allow us to make a powerful impact in the field of sleep science and overall health.

Since our “big discovery”, we’ve completely evolved Knit into a comprehensive service. Because sleep is not determined by just one factor, we take a holistic approach to assessment and improvement through what we call the Four Cornerstones of Sleep. Like diet and fitness, sleep requires us to work, improve and sometimes get encouragement to keep at it, because it is crucial to our health each day and long term.

Our unique camera technology assesses the primary contributing factors of a child’s sleep. During the sleep observation period, a dedicated (human) sleep guide educates parents about the important components of sleep and ensures they are comfortable with the process every step of the way. Once sufficient data has been gathered, our panel of sleep experts analyzes each child’s data based on our scientific algorithms to create recommendations specifically to address any sleep needs that child might have, included in an extensive, personalized report that can be shared with doctors or other specialists.

As a small team of individuals striving to have an impact on the world of sleep science and health, we work tirelessly each day to deliver on what we have promised. We also know that a great customer experience doesn’t end when the box is shipped. Our shift in focus allows us to provide the Knit experience with the attention, iteration and support it needs.

If you suspect (or know) your child has a sleep challenge that is affecting their learning, development or behavior, Knit is the system to help you get to the bottom of your “why.” From an 11 year old who has gone through 7 years of experts and treatments to a 3 year old whose erratic behavior was deemed “just a phase” by a pediatrician, Knit has helped these parents understand the sleep problem that is the underlying culprit, as well as given them tools and evidence to make their child’s lives better.  

Sleep disorders are one of the top underdiagnosed issues for children and adults and the process to getting answers is time-consuming, expensive and filled with roadblocks. We hope to change that. Your continued support, encouragement and willingness to try Knit will help us accelerate towards our goal of improving families’ sleep, life and health.

Reach out with questions. We want to hear from you and help you experience the unparalleled benefits of Knit.

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