measure of restfulness

Our platform measures sleep so you have an automatic record of how well your child slept—how easily they fell asleep, when they woke up and all the important details in between. We also deliver timely insights so you can easily keep tabs on evolving trends.

"My son is a totally different kid after Knit.  He now loves school and just is happy. Knit revealed our son's sleep issue and helped us make the changes to make sure he has the sleep he needs."

–Parent of 10-year-old



Nighttime Breathing Analyzed

When your child lays their head down, their breathing plays a crucial role in how well they sleep. Knit captures nightly breathing events that may causing arousals during important stages of sleep. With Knit, you can understand whether your child's position, environment, allergies or biology is creating a pattern worthy of sharing with a sleep expert.

"How a child sleeps is a critical piece for diagnosis and treatment—which before Knit, we relied solely on a parents subjective history."

–Leading Child Psychiatrist


Track over time

7-days-at-a-glance trends help you keep tabs on overall sleep levels—illuminating important patterns, like your child's best bedtime and sleeping conditions. And because kids are constantly changing and growing, Knit helps you stay a step ahead of sleep setbacks from seasonal allergies to shifting schedules...all to give your child the rest they need to be their best.



Intelligent Video For Now and Later

Our high-quality, secure stream is only the beginning. Knit understands what matters. Our smart video clips capture important sleep details like what woke your child up last night or the activity in their sleep. Something doesn't seem right? You can easily share with your pediatrician. 


No Wearables

Using a technology called computer vision, Knit can tell what's happening in the bed. No straps to roll off of, no irritating wearables. Being informed just got way easier.


Safety First

We do everything we can to ensure that your video and information is safe and secure. And we develop our products with that in mind.

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Easy Setup

We did the work so you don't have to. Easy hanging, smart cord management and user friendly app settings all make using Knit a breeze.


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