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Chelsea and Johan were seeing a change in their 5-year-old daughter Delainy’s attention at school and behavior at home. It took investigation with their pediatrician, a number of experiments and an assessment of her sleep by Knit Health to identify the root cause of these changes: poor sleep. With the information provided by Knit, especially the actionable recommendations on how to improve, Chelsea and Johan were able to make a huge difference in Delainy’s sleep hygiene and health, and have seen a difference since:

“Knit has helped my family in so many ways. Having [Delainy] wake up happy; having her run in my room and be like, ‘Mommy, let's cuddle!’ - is a huge shift from when I would have to drag her out of bed to get her to school in the morning.”

Get the story in their own words. Watch the video below.


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