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“It’s hard to see your child struggling to sleep.” - Bethany, Noah’s mom

Having your child diagnosed with sleep apnea at 10 months old is a difficult situation for a parent. But Bethany and Stephan did everything they could to help Noah get the sleep he needs. By the time Noah was 2, having had multiple surgeries and six sleep studies, the doctors said his sleep was about 80% of the way there, but that last 20% just wasn’t something they could help with at the time.

When Noah was diagnosed with ADHD at age 10, Bethany and Stephan knew how influential sleep is to the quality of Noah’s daytime, so they needed a check-in. They wanted to confirm that Noah was still getting the best sleep possible, and see if there were things they could be doing differently for his sleep health. They were able to assess Noah’s sleep in their home with Knit Health. Using camera-vision technology, Noah’s parents were able to see his sleep over multiple nights and get a sense of how he really sleeps when he’s in his own bed. The analysis of Noah’s sleep was delivered as a final report, and gave Bethany and Stephan confirmation that Noah’s sleep was still not perfect, but also that it had not gotten significantly worse. In addition, the report provided recommendations about his environment that allowed them to make changes to ensure Noah was getting full advantage of his 80%.

“The data was good. The recommendations were good. It was great to be able to get that sort of quality without a greater time and expense on our part.” - Stephan, Noah’s dad

Bethany and Stephan know that they will have to check in on Noah’s sleep to ensure that he’s getting the maximum quality possible, and they wouldn’t hesitate to use Knit again to do just that.

Watch this short video to hear Bethany, Stephan and Noah share their journey with Noah’s sleep and why Knit was the best fit for them.