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As parents of a child with autism, Mindy and Henry are always looking for ways to improve Sam’s quality of life and promote his brain development. They immediately knew Knit was a tool they could use toward that goal. They had tried previously to have Sam’s sleep assessed with in-home sleep tests, but he could not keep the wires and other wearable components attached through the night. Since Knit uses camera vision technology, they finally had a tool that could both provide real-time, daily insights about his sleep and a complete assessment of his sleep health. The report

“I feel like I have this huge important tool at my grasp now that is giving me this information every single morning about how his night was. I would recommend Knit to any parent of a child with autism, or really any adult who has sleep issues.”

The sleep report that Mindy and Henry received about Sam’s sleep gave detailed insights into his sleep, as well as helpful recommendations for next steps they could take to address issues with his sleep. Sleep is critical to healthy development in children, and now they have a tool that allows them to do all they can to help Sam get his best possible sleep.