Unlock the mysteries of your child's sleep.

When your child’s sleep is being disturbed, everyone is impacted. As parents, it's hard to understand exactly what’s happening at night. And when you do, how to make adjustments that will improve sleep. Knit is helping families by intelligently monitoring and measuring sleep.



Knit helps you understand

  • How much sleep your child needs
  • How well your child is sleeping
  • What is the best routine for your child
  • Evidence of breathing issues 
  • Effects of treatments and adjustments
  • Easily share findings with your doctor

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"You have no idea how big this service could be for understanding what happens at night. This will change what I do."

–Dr. Meena Murti, Sleep Medicine at Texas Children's Hospital



Works without wearables

We've built a little camera with a big brain that's accurate and completely safe for your child. Learn how we can detect child presence, and understand their breathing and sleep state.

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