People are talking about Knit.


“With Knit, we (my husband and I) would sleep more.”

– Mom of 12-month-old


We keep track During sleep

Our product measures sleep so you have an automatic record of how easily your child fell asleep, when they woke up and all the important details in between. And with 7-days-at-a-glance trends, you can see important patterns, like their best bedtime and sleeping conditions. 

“Before, I was going in every single time they woke up, and Knit gave me a little more confidence that maybe they could put themselves back to sleep.”

– Mom of 8-month-old twins



Breathe Easy Reassurance

In those early days, we're constantly on watch. Knit makes it easy to tune in to your kid's status and receive alerts when they need attention due to crying or room conditions. Want an even closer look? Toggle on our Breasy™ button to double check their chest movement—a simple circle illuminates your child's breathing pattern. 


Are they well rested?

Daily insights and 7-days-at-a-glance trends help children of all ages keep tabs on overall sleep levels—illuminating important patterns, like their child's best bedtime and sleeping conditions. And because kids are constantly changing and growing, it helps parents track the impact of colds and coughs, developmental changes and seasonal set-backs. 

“It’s the single best predictor of how his day is going to be.”

– Dad of 2-year-old


Intelligent Video For Now and Later

Our high-quality, secure stream is only the beginning. Knit understands what matters. Our smart video clips capture important sleep details from what woke your child up last night to the first time they sat. Something doesn't seem right? You can easily share with your pediatrician. 



Peace of Mind

Our goal is to create a product that creates real peace of mind by helping parents get the updates they need, when they need it. That means ambient modes for easily checking in on your child’s sleep status and receiving alerts when they need attention due to crying or room conditions. And when they fall asleep (we know you're watching), we'll celebrate with you.


“It’s empowering, because you feel like you know your kid better—and as a baby they don’t communicate that well—so it takes out the guesswork.”

– Mom of 3-month-old


No Wearables

Using a technology called computer vision, Knit can tell what's happening in the crib. No pads to roll off of, no irritating wearables. Being informed just got way easier.


Safety First

We do everything we can to ensure that your video and information is safe and secure. And we develop our products with that in mind.

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Easy Setup

We did the work so you don't have to. Easy hanging, smart cord management and user friendly app settings all make using Knit a breeze.