Your Privacy is Our Priority

We are on a mission to help families sleep better, so they can live healthier, happier lives. Because we’re parents, we know you take your family’s privacy very seriously. That’s why we work to limit the data we collect to what is absolutely necessary to analyze your child’s sleep and protect that data tirelessly.

The power of computer vision

When we set out to create Knit, we knew we wanted to design a human-centered, cutting-edge technology solution that would change the way we understand and evaluate sleep. We considered many forms, including wearables, which couldn’t capture the critical characteristics of sleep. That’s how we ended up with the one-of-a-kind camera with advanced motion-sensor technology. Since it is a camera, we often get questions around privacy concerns, which we’ve worked hard to address.

We’ve created this set of Knit Health privacy principles
based on feedback directly from our customers:

You have control of your child's data.

Over the course of your child’s 14 night sleep assessment, our technology monitors your child’s sleep and captures video only of the sleep events that matter. You have private access to these clips in your Knit app, and they will only be accessed by our sleep experts in the event we detect a sleep issue. These clips may also be displayed in your child’s sleep report if our experts determine that the captured breathing events and arousals merit analysis. At anytime, we can delete all sleep data and personal information, at your request, no questions asked.

Your family's home is private.

Our goal is for the Knit camera to be as unobtrusive to your lives as possible, while collecting only the data necessary to analyze, and make recommendations to improve, your child’s sleep. That’s why we designed our camera with a narrow frame of vision that only captures the area where you child sleeps on their bed, not other parts of the room. The proven Artificial Intelligence (AI) components of our technology deciphers sleep events and shares the ones that are important to you.

Your child's data is safe with us.

Our authenticated live video stream runs only on your secure, local network with sleep data processing on the camera, making it a closed loop system that you control and keeping Internet hackers out. And when it comes to data transfer and storage, we've got your family protected. We use AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications between Knit cameras and our cloud servers—backed by the security standards of Amazon Web Services.

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