We designed and engineered Knit with our own babies in mind. The results are carefully considered safety details and highly secure data transmission. 

Secure wall mount

Live in earthquake country? Or simply worried about falling objects? Knit attaches securely to the wall just outside of the crib, with nothing ever placed in or on the crib or even directly over it. 

Shatter resistant

Our toddlers have drop tested our device countless times. The outer casing is completely shatter-resistant.


Safe cable management

Long cords within reach of curious, grabby hands? Not with us. Cords are kept far out of reach with our cable management bobble.

Lightweight, easy to install

The Knit device weighs just a half of a pound. Plus, with our removable adhesive strips you don't even need a hammer. So you can install it one-handed and maybe even half asleep.