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Snoring could be a sign your child has a sleep issue

Knit is a technology-based sleep tracking and assessment system that enables you to detect and take action on your child’s sleep issues in the comfort of your own home.

“Children suffer from sleep apnea yet many times they’re misdiagnosed.”

- Good Morning America
September 14, 2017

Knit can detect your child's potential sleep issues

Knit is more than just a camera. It is the only kid-friendly, non-wearable solution that provides insights into sleep breathing issues, such as sleep apnea, and highlights potential risks.


Uncover your child’s sleep over 21 nights securely in the comfort of your own home with computer vision technology that captures your child’s night.


Monitor nightly statistics and weekly trends in the app, and get access and education from your dedicated Sleep Guide throughout the 21 days.


Understand your child’s unique sleep experience with an in-depth analysis of their sleep and breathing, which can be shared with your pediatrician.

A customized sleep action plan for your child

Our panel of sleep experts reviews your child’s data to create custom recommendations for improving their sleep.

Age specific suggestions for your child

Home and environmental adjustments

Data to share with your medical providers

Expert sleep report

The data-rich sleep report contains a wealth of information about the four primary components of sleep health.


  1. 1


    Is your child getting enough sleep for their age?
  2. 2


    Are you following the optimal routine your child needs?
  3. 3


    What’s the quality of your child’s sleep?
  4. 4


    Is your child’s sleep impacted by a breathing issue?

The science behind Knit

There is extensive verified research in the field on sleep apnea and the impact it can have on your child’s health and development. Our panel of experts use this research to interpret the data collected with our cutting-edge camera vision technology.

Logan Schneider, MD
Sleep Specialist
Mark Burhenne, DDS
Dental Sleep
Rakesh Chopra, MD, FAAP
Puneet Patni, MD

Our Expert Sleep Advisors

Knit’s panel of sleep experts are leaders in their fields who are as passionate about improving the quality sleep and quality of life for everyone, starting with our children

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Our technology is based on decades of scientific research, algorithms and models used in in-lab sleep studies and trusted by sleep experts worldwide.


The Knit camera can detect motion, breathing and sleep stage, all imperceptible to the human eye, with increasing intelligence over time – even when your child is under blankets.

Good sleep. Good life.

Studies have shown that there is a direct link between healthy sleep and improved behavior, health, learning and overall happiness. That’s why our mission is to help kids sleep better so they can live better lives.

"Knit is a crucial partner in our son Cole's ongoing sleep journey as an essential feedback mechanism. His sleep issues were having a very negative impact on his mood and performance in school, and he's seen a significant turnaround back to a kid who loves life since addressing those issues."

Mother of 11 year-old

"If you're considering sending your child to a sleep lab, get a Knit Sleep Report first. Knit can provide a quick initial assessment without the traumatic experience of a night at sleep lab."

Father of 13 year-old

Safe and sound

We take data security seriously, especially when it comes to protecting your child. Our authenticated video stream runs only on your secure, local network. To protect data transfer and storage, we use AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for all communications between Knit cameras and our cloud servers, which are backed by the security standards of Amazon Web Services.

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