Access to Knit Health sleep experts

The Knit Health report gives you a comprehensive picture of your child’s sleep, but you might still have questions. Here’s your opportunity to get expert answers from Knit’s panel of board-certified sleep experts, exclusively available to Knit customers. With Knit, you now have expert advice at your fingertips.  Limited availability.

What parents and physicians are saying...

"Knit is a crucial partner in our son Cole's ongoing sleep journey as an essential feedback mechanism. His sleep issues were having a very negative impact on his mood and performance in school, and he's seen a significant turnaround. "

STEF, Mother of 11 year-old

"Good quality sleep is the most important factor in child development, but sadly, sleep issues often go undetected. Knit is the only in-home solution that gives parents the transparency and actionable advice they need to significantly improve their child’s sleep."

Dr. Logan Schneider, Sleep Specialist

"Now I know I’m not letting anything slip through the cracks with my son's sleep. I don’t have to worry about what happens between putting him to bed and when he wakes up in the morning - I can see that with Knit."

NATALIE, Mother of 9 year old and 7 year old

"Instead of a snapshot into someone’s sleep and not understanding if changes are actually resulting in improvements, Knit provides a holistic picture of a person’s sleep in their own environment, which is invaluable information when it comes to sleep health."

Dr. Mark Burhenne, DDS

"I think a lot of kids have interrupted or bad sleep and parents just don't understand that it’s related to behavioral issues. I want to help get the word out that parents should pay attention, and that Knit is way to get the information they need."

CHELSEA, Mother of 5 and 2 year old